Arenes (Moutsalia Lakes) – Pefkofyto

This is a mountaineering route that requires some experience in walking and locating the route. The markers are sparse and the course of the path along the ground is not visible everywhere.

Before we start the hike we shall take a stroll to the twin lake known as Moutsalia. Dirt roads from Aetomilitsa and Pefkofyto reach this point.

The Moutsalia Lakes are nestled in an enchanting location surrounded by a beech tree forest. A small lake higher up directs its waters along a stream to the larger lake a little further down. The peaks of the Arrenes, a stone wall that seals the horizon to the west, are reflected inside the lake.

Rare amphibian alpine and crested newts swim in the lake’s calm waters, whilst bears, wild boars, wolves and deer often roam around the lake.

There is a large kiosk with a seating area and a stone fountain on the plateau opposite the lakes.

The course commences as a small road and we soon enter a forest with large trees by following a path with sparse signage. The path descends abruptly, passes through small clearings and gradually arrives at smoother slopes, where we encounter logging roads.

At the large drinking trough where the forest roads converge, we will not follow the continuation of the path that is difficult to locate, but we shall instead take a combination of small roads that shall lead us to the top of the Pefkofyto settlement. The roadside village drowns in the lush green and the waters that supply the Sarantaporos River.