Kotyli Meadows – National Reconciliation Park

It is easy in the first section and of moderate difficulty as we approach Palio (Old) Kotyli (suitable all year round).
Before we commence our course we will make a stop at the edge of the cliff, at “Kotyli Charos”, which is associated with yet another tragic moment of the Civil War.

From the Fire Outpost, at the peak of Kotyli Tower, we shall descend for a while along the ridge, turn left at the dirt road and 100 metres further down start the descending path that is obvious and is marked by a beautiful forest. We will exit onto a plateau after about half an hour with a road that leads to the National Reconciliation Park on the right.

The aim of the Park is to highlight the historical and ecological wealth of the region and contribute to the critical approach and understanding of traumatic moments in history.
There is an exhibition space in the newly constructed building complex dedicated to the region’s history and nature, together with a conference room and the capacity for hosting and dining further to agreement.

We follow the dirt road from this point that leads south by winding through a forest and clearings. 2 km later we encounter a crossroad on the left that leads to a lush green location with a chapel dedicated to Agia Paraskevi. A little further down we leave the road and take the path upon the ridge towards the slopes opposite Palia (Old) Kotyli. A last section on a path will lead us to the small stone bridge of the ruined settlement, which is drowned in the river’s lush vegetation.

The route ends at the imposing church of the village that is dedicated to Agios Georgios (St George).