The recording of the hiking routes and the collection of the photo and video material were done in the framework of the Cult2Routes action of the European Interreg program, with the cooperation and supervision of the Municipality of Nestorio.

The five routes that were chosen guide us around Nestorio and the foothills of Mount Grammos. These are easy hikes accessible all year round, in enchanting forest landscapes, dotted with monuments and memories of local history: Byzantine monasteries and post-Byzantine churches, old cobbled roads and stone bridges, remnants of the Albanian Front and the Civil War.

For the convenience of hikers, a free mobile application called Anavasi Mapp – Grammos Cult2Routes has been created (available for iOS and Android). Open the map, select the route you want to follow and see your exact position on it.

Necessary equipment includes adequate shoes (preferably hiking boots) and a backpack with warm clothes, a raincoat, water and snack.
Enjoy the trail!